Moğolistan Rotalar – Kamp Alanları

Emergencies: 103
Police: 102
Ambulance: 120
Breakdown assistance number: 122
Country Code: MN
Capital: Ulaan Baatar
Population: 3,081,677 (2016 estimate)
Area: 1,564,160 km²
TIME ZONE: +7 hours compared to Italy, +6 hours when in Italy Daylight Saving Time is in use.
Languages spoken: Khalkha Mongol (Mongolian). Russian is widespread, especially among old people, less common German. English is spreading among young people.
Religions: Buddism, Shaman religion
Currency: Tughrik or Tigrik (MNT) Exchange: around 2,490 tughrik for one euro
Telephone: Prefix for Italy: 0039 prefix from abroad: 00976 The local operator is called Mobicom (ask your network operator if they have roaming deals with this company). It is possible to purchase local rechargeable cards: they can be found at the airport and in the capital. Coverage is limited to few urban centres. Internet cafès are very common. Do not leave without a GPS system.


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Wild Camping in Mongolia – Overlanders Share Their Favorite Campsites


Ger Camps

  • OT Tour Camp Located near Üüreg Nuur in Uvs Aimag, this lovely camp has a peaceful location, with sweeping views of the Uvs Nuur basin. Kayaking, canoeing, bonfires and Mongolian games are available.
  • Ashihai The picture-perfect gers located by the shores of Lake Khövsgöl are something out of a fairy tale. Tours, boat trips and top-notch meals available.
  • Ayanchin Four Seasons Lodge Excellent ger accommodation, good food and a location convenient to Ulaanbaatar make this a great option if you don’t want to stray too far from the capital.
  • Toilogt Located between a shallow lake and Lake Khövsgöl, this ger camp has an unmatched location. The service is excellent and gers very comfortable.



  • Blue Wolf A popular option for travellers in Bayan-Ölgii, Blue Wolf has comfortable gers and great traveller services.
  • Oasis Cafe & Guesthouse Sunny and friendly accommodation on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar – a top option for overlanders with their own vehicle.
  • MS Guesthouse Ger and cabin accommodation available in a beautiful setting in Khatgal; organises excellent tours in Khövsgöl.
  • Chuka’s Guesthouse An excellent guesthouse located in Ulaanbaatar city centre.
  • Zaya Hostel Clean, comfortable, and very quiet accommodation in Ulaanbaatar, with great services.

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